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“What would your home be like if you had the secrets to interior design and an unlimited budget? What if you could have your dream home—without moving or charging up your credit cards?”

Are you fed up with all the conflicting “rules” of how to decorate? Maybe it's time to rethink what makes your dream home. Open your heart and mind to the home you've never known and always loved. The next few moments you spend on this page will be well invested.

Most houses don't offer much emotional support for the home owners. Besides shelter and a place to call “home,” think of your home as a reflection of your memories and as a place to live lavishly. Not expensively. Learn to create a home setting where you experience the fullness and beauty of life.

This quick information will save you thousands of dollars—maybe even hundreds of thousands on the wrong house—but, more importantly, this information will save you heartache.

Without spending a lot of money, you can create a home to support your emotions and fulfill your fantasies. What if it only takes you a few minutes a day and a tiny bit of money to change your home? Want to know how?

Are you unhappy in your home?

Are you embarrassed to have friends come over?

Does your home need a major makeover?

Did you paint a room only to have it turn out all wrong?

Do you get confused at the paint store?

Are you having trouble selecting furnishings?

Are you tempted to over-spend just to make your home special?

Does you home provide the perfect setting for you to to be free to make more money?

Do you need to be more productive or creative?

Do you stay away because you don't want to go home?

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Dear friend,

May I share my personal story with you? Back in the late 80s, I lived in my "dream" home: an 1870 Queen Anne Victorian. While standing at the sink, my ten year old skinny daughter fell thorough the kitchen floor. My husband and son tore into the kitchen and discovered painted over cardboard walls, newspaper insulation, and frayed electrical extension cords in place of wiring. They worked hard to replace the beams under the house, install new subflooring and flooring, wiring, plumbing, electrical system, walls, ceiling, appliances, cabinets, windows....

After the finishing touches of paint and wallpaper, the kitchen felt all wrong!

This came as a great big shock to me. I thought I knew interior design. I'd studied interior design in college and even had a home design business! This life-changing experience started a ten year quest to research the elements of design backwards. I started at the University of Florida by exploring our physiological and psychological responses to design elements like color, light, pattern, texture, and more. Later, my son went to Harvard and helped me with the research and experiments on our homes.

Perhaps you, too, have decorated a room or two and feel like you just didn't get the design right.

Find out how to make your home be "so nice to come home to." Enjoy my ebook (environmentally friendly) filled with color photographs, inspiration, and easy design tips. Make your home a serene shelter, one you're proud to call home!

Joy to you!

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Start reading Seven Secrets to Glorious Home Design now. Create your home for glorious living!

  • What interior designers don’t want you to know
  • What artists and eccentrics know
  • The most important design element
  • The truth about color psychology
  • The secret about wall paint colors
  • Color selection tips
  • Quick color psychological associations guide
  • Seven Design Psychology tips
  • The TOP secret to your home’s interior design

Design Psychology expert Jeanette Fisher reveals many secrets that she normally reserves for her college classroom and expensive seminars.

Book Cover PDF

Inside Seven Secrets to Glorious Home Design's 117 pages
(over 100 color photos) you will find out:
Secret #1 What interior designers don’t want you to know
Secret #2 The power of home
Secret #3 What the ancients knew
Secret #4 What eccentrics knew
Secret #5 The most important design element
Secret #6 The truth about color psychology
Secret #7 What artists know

    “Jeanette Fisher fills a gap in what any of us have heard so far about unleashing your own ability to move away from a showcase type of home and design your own peaceful retreat. She even goes so far as to tell you to love the challenge of design without a society designer. Find out why decorating your own home satisfies your soul.”-Adrienne van Doren, Best selling author of The House That Faux Built

  • How to Make Your Home Sing
  • The Joy and Pain of Yellow
  • Quick Color Psychological Associations Guide
  • The Secret about Wall Paint Colors
  • Seven Design Psychology Tips
  • The Top Secret to Your Home’s Interior Design

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What do you see at the end of your pathway to your dream home?

Do you have a vision of your perfect home?

Enjoy inspiration from around the world and then remodel, find, or build a home for your unique needs and personal enrichment.

Grand homes, not always large and expensive, provide more than shelter. Grand homes enrich lives with nourishment and inspiration.

Get your ebook copy right now of Seven Secrets to Glorious Home Design and start your home makeover with easy, low-cost ideas!

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Just ONE interior design secret could be worth hundreds of dollars to you in increased productivity.

Today’s Conscious Design for Smart Home Decorators who Refuse to Go into Debt to
Create a Home for Glorious Living

Proceeds go to help Los Angeles Homeless

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